Diabetic Cat International - Your Diabetic Cat

Your Diabetic Cat, established in 2006, was the first site and forum set up around Dr. Elizabeth Hodgkins’ revolutionary Tight Regulation Protocol for treating cats suffering from Feline Diabetes.

Unfortunately, today the software used for the site and forum are totally out of date, and both were becoming increasingly unstable.  The forum, in particular, was crashing, meaning that people could not get the help they needed.

The difficult decision was therefore made (with the agreement of Dr. Hodgkins) to take YDC off line in December 2017, and to re-direct all links from YDC to Diabetic Cat International, as one of DCI’s Founding Members had also been involved with YDC since 2008 , and had been the sole help and support to others there since 2012.

Please note that Dr. Hodgkins is not associated in any way, manner, or form with DCI, and is not responsible for any of its content.

On DCI, you will find up to date information on Feline Diabetes and its treatment, on Associated Conditions, on Feline Nutrition and the best food for diabetic cats, and a forum where you can ask questions and receive invididual help, to help you help your diabetic cat.

We hope that you will take the time to look around!