Tuvi - Diabetic Cat-2

TUVI (France) : Hypurin Bovine Protamine Zinc

Tuvi had probably been FD for at least 2 years when he was adopted in September 2012. He had been taken in by a rescue group in London a little over a year earlier when his owners abandoned him .  They had put him up on an internet personal ad site with “Diabetic cat for £1 or will put to sleep”!

They handed him over with an empty vial of Caninsulin…..

He had to take car, ferry, train and metro to get to me in Paris – and was none too happy about leaving the Sanctuary and the person he loved very much who had been taking care of him!! Testing him was a nightmare – it took 4 hours to manage the first test (and he was used to home testing!). He did settle down well after a few days though with a bit of perserverence on my side!

We started TR right away: His food was switched from around 16% vet food to 5% low carb wet, and he moved from the 3.6u BID of Caninsulin he had been getting to Hypurin Bovine Protamine Zinc and the starting scale with its 1.00u as a top dose.

He did well immediately: 15 and 18 hour runs within the first two weeks with very minor adjustments to his dosing scale…. 24 hour runs his third week of TR. 35 hour runs started happening after 6 weeks… and at the beginning of November he managed close to +120….. in January he managed 6 days…

Towards the end of March he finally went off insulin….. to have to go on it again when steroids in eye drops pushed his BGs up again a month later.

He settled down after 5 days though, and his last shot was at 4h10 on Thursday 2 May 2013.

Today (April 2015), thanks to TR, he is happy, loving and energetic…. he acts more like a 5 year old than the almost 15 year old cat that he is!

… he also, if I can’t really put this down to TR – is now 100% bilingual too…  seems you can absolutely teach a cat at least new tricks!

Tuvi is proof that it is never too late… that with the right protocol and with the right food, a cat that has been FD for a good 2.5 years or longer, can go into a diet-controlled remission!