SEAMUS (USA) : Lantus


When I found DCI and TR, Seamus was at the emergency vet hospital where he’d just spent 3 days – my vet didn’t think that he’d make it through the first night.

In September 2014, I had taken Seamus to vet for sinus problems. While there, we decide to do exam and bloodwork, as he is 12 years old, and was due in October. All of his bloodwork was fine…. Except his glucose levels which were high: 360/20.3. We rechecked in 2 days and he was at 250/13.9, and then a month later. They were 322/17.9.

We had tried him on low carb food during the month, but Seamus is a very fussy eater and it took a look of patience to get him to try it.

My vets still didn’t start him on insulin – they said his numbers were not that high.

He was acting sicker and sicker, and was diagnosed with pancreatitis mid-November.

Finally, after Seamus was very bad after Thanksgiving Weekend at the end of November, my vet started him on Vetsulin. It didn’t seem to help him though, and his numbers spiraled out of control. He was getting worse not better, and I felt there was no hope.

That is when the final vet I saw – one I hadn’t seen in the practice yet – sent us to the Emergency Hospital…..

The new vet was great. She didn’t have any experience with TR, but was willing to work with me and learn along with me. She was a little nervous about it at first, but once she saw Seamus’ test log and the comments and help I’d been getting on forum, she became comfortable with it.

Seamus had been switched to Lantus in hospital, and started TR as soon as he came home. He responded almost immediately! He was only on ¼ of the dose he’d been put on at the hospital, but he started doing long runs – 24 hours – quickly. Within two weeks he was going 36 hours between shots….

Seamus-Feline Diabetes

… and on Friday January 16 2015, 23 days after we started TR, Seamus had his last dose of insulin!

Best of all today is how happy Seamus is! He is like a kitten again! He purrs all the time, wants to play ALL THE TIME ….and he even keeps his 6-year junior brother Barley on his toes! We have gotten closer than ever, and Seamus just purrs through testing times.

When I first got the diagnosis, I was devastated. I now look at it as a blessing! My boy is happier than ever, and, with all the help I’ve received on DCI, I now know so much more about how to keep him healthy, in every way!

And, my vet has been so impressed with what Seamus has done, that she shared his log with one of her techs, who has an FD cat! Hopefully her kitty will benefit from the wonders of TR too!

All I can say, is TR is THE ONLY WAY TO GO! It saved my sweet boy!!!