LUNA (Argentina) : Levemir

Luna was diagnosed with FD at the end of March 2013, and was put on Glipizide (oral medication). It didn’t work and she started Lantus in May after having to be hospitalized as she was so dehydrated.

Ten days later we discovered TR and started the protocol.

Living in Argentina, we have a very limited choice of cat food – there are no low carb food available here.  We mixed raw into the lowest carb food we have to bring the total amount of carbohydrates down as we waited for right supplements to arrive from the US.  Once they did, a month later, we were able to move her onto a 100% raw food diet.

Luna was very difficult to regulate on Lantus, and in October 2013, we decided to move to Levemir. She settled down quickly with Levemir – and had her last shot of insulin barely 3 months later on 12 January 2014!


Luna - Diabetic Cat -2

Luna’s vet lectures at the leading vet school in Buenos Aires. She was so impressed with Luna’s recovery that she now discusses Tight Regulation in her courses on Feline Diabetes….. and even invited Luna to make a personal appearance at one lecture to show just how healthy and well she is today…… Luna loved being star for the day!

If you are wondering if you should give TR a try, don’t: TR is THE chance to put your cat on the road to recovery and good health!