Gaston (Serbia) : Caninsulin

Gaston is 10 years old black male.

In February 2016 he started to drink a lot of water, urinate a lot,  and start loosing weight (from 9 kg to 6kg). In March we decided to test and his BG was 18/324, it was clear he has diabetes.  This probably was because he had been put on steroids in December 2015 to help with some epilepsy that he has.

We started with Hills W/D (38 % carbs), one week after that his BG was 9,6/77 but two week after that it was 19/342 and the vet decided to start with insulin in April. We started with Caninsulin and he ate just dry food Hills M/D. He got inusline twice a day, on 12 hours. We did not test him at home and he get really high dose of inuslin. But his condition was getting worse and worse, continued to lose weight, all the time wanted to eat, and his mouth was constantly wet from the water, he had no peace day and night. I decide to buy Glucometar and measur Gastons BG, it was 27/486 in the morning! Then I started a detailed online research and luckily find DCI site and registered on the forum in May 2016

The first thing I realized is that immediately need to change his food, out dry food, and start low carb diet. Thanks to the excellent texts and guidelines both on site and on the forum , I realized the importance of DETOX process. I call my vet and told him that i need to start DETOX and that I want to try without dry food.

We start detox and in the morning, 24 hours after last dose of insulin and last meal of dry food his BG was 13/234!

Gaston - Diabetic Cat off insulin

It was clear that a change in diet has done a big change.Next step was to start TR,but there was a problem with syringes.

I live in a country where syringes needed for TR can not be obtained , not many online retailers in Europe deliver to my country.
While waiting syringes from Austria , which my friends had to purchase, Gaston eat just LOW CAB WET food (Integra, Bozita and raw meat) for which I received a recommendation on the forum, and day by day his BG was lower and lower, till one day it was 3,6/65. Fortunately , although I did not start TR yet, before each administration of insulin I measured his BG. After that he got just one dose of insulin on 5 June 2016.. Since that dose there was no more need for insulin, so I can say that Gaston is off insulin !!! His Bg is around 2,6-4/47-115!

I hope that our story will help those who read to understand in the first place the importance of dietary change (just to be clear on dry food and high dose on insulin Gaston BG was 27/486, and in 24 hours without dry food and without inuslin BG was 13/234!) and testing it at home, but then and TR!

I have no words to thank DCI! When I came here I was so lost, i did not understand nothing, my English is not great , in my country is was so difficult to buy all stuff that I need for Gaston and food etc. But thanks to the incredible patience and understanding, priceless information and insisting that everything is done according to the rules, from the people on DCI, Gaston is off Insulin!
I can not imagine what would have happened with him that if I had not find these place and the experience of the people here!