Eddy (Greece): Latus

Eddy is a long haired Greek Tabby cat. He is 12 years old and lives with us in a small rural village on the Greek island of Corfu.

He and his 7 siblings were found by my friend’s daughter on Easter Sunday 2003. They still had their eyes closed and where not weaned. Some “wonderful” person had dumped them beside a secondary road, leaving them to die. We took them in, I took 3, my Mum took 3, and my friend took 2. We had no formula, no syringes and all shops were closed for Easter.

My brother in law, who was visiting came up with a superb idea, condoms!

We filled them with half condensed milk, half water and punctured a tiny hole in the nipple bit with a pin. It worked beautifully; soon I had 3 tiny kittens each attached to their condom.

From the 8 we managed to get 5 through and Eddy was one of them. He was always an independent spirit and soon took over the house hold. Even Lucky my dog respected him.

When Eddy was 1 year old he got attacked by a dog, which grabbed and shook him, he survived but lost his right eye to this incident. We were not sure if he’d survive his injuries, his head was so swollen, but he did.

Sometime later he came home one day in obvious pain, we think he had been hit by a motorbike or a car and again we were worried that he would not make it. Nothing was broken but he was badly bruised and could have had internal injuries. By now he must have used up at least 3 or 4 of his 9 lives. He survived and went back to normal.

It was early in the summer of 2014 when I noticed a change in him.


FD cat in remission

His usually beautiful long coat was looking unkempt, greasy and he did not seem to be cleaning himself. He was constantly hungry and I noticed that he was drinking a lot. He did not have much energy and was just not himself. But all this happened so slowly, it took me a while to become worried.

Our vet is 40km away in Corfu town and when I saw him next I mentioned Eddy to him. He recommended blood tests. Sure enough Eddy’s BG was HIGH, 366/20.3 to be precise.

There was just one problem, my vet was going away the next day for 5 weeks and would not be around to supervise any treatment with insulin. I knew nothing about FD then, just what I knew about human diabetes and did not feel in any way confident to treat Eddy without my vet being on Corfu.

We decided to try with a diet first, he recommended Hills diabetic kibble, and suggested I monitor the BG.

After 1 week there was no change, his BG was still high and I was very worried. Eddy seemed to have got more lethargic and unwell.

I started to roam the internet and found various websites. There I started to read about wet food and homemade food. I also learned how bad kibble is for cats and that the Hill’s diet kibble was just a waste of money and doing no good at all. I managed to get some homemade food with bones etc. made up and started him on it.

All the reading about FD, Insulin etc. was beginning to freak me out. Then I joined the FD forum and our fortunes changed. I posted my situation and the help and info just flooded in.

On July 29th 2014 we started with the dose recommended by my vet: I unit every 12 hours, using the Lantus pen that only let us dose in 1u increments. Eddy’s BG started to zoom up and down and I monitored him every 2 hours for the next 10 days.

Things were not ideal, but the folks on the forum were there to help us through. I managed to get the right syringes to be able to dose him with smaller increments, and with help and instruction from all the fabulous people on the forum, we got set into a dosing schedule and the right dosing scale for him and then things seemed to happen so fast.

I had the syringes and could dose properly on August 1 …. Eddy started to balance out and I gave him his last shot at midnight on August 11th 2014 – just 10 days later!

He happily eats the home made food I prepare using the recipe off the FD website. We have invested in a Meat grinder and make 2 month supply at a time and freeze it.

The other cats have been weaned off kibble and are on tinned wet food only.

Eddy is a happy cat now; his fur is once more beautiful and long and silky and he once again deserves his nickname “Fluffy” His energy level is high, he’s started to play again and has found a complete new lease of life.

Over the last months things have mostly been nice and regular, Eddy’s BR is constantly in the 60-80/3.3-4.4 range. Only once did he give me reason to worry, I had been away and left him with a house sitter. She obviously did not stick to my instructions and when I got back after 5 days his BG was over 100/5.6 and in the following days went to 132/7.2. Thankfully with support from my online friends I did not panic too much and he sorted himself out. Since then absolutely no problems, Eddy is a happy, healthy king of the village again.


I am a complete convert and have spoken at length to my vet and other cat owners about TR.

I cannot express how much I appreciate and value the help, support, hugs, humor and advice I received and still receive from the members of the forum. They were always there when I was unsure, scared or lost, especially in the early days when Eddy’s BG was zooming up and down at an (to me) alarming rate.

There was always someone experienced online to talk me through my insecurities, send hugs, help and calm my panic.

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.