Doris - Diabetic cat in remission

DORIS (UK) : Lantus


Doris is aged about 10 and we got her and her brother Boris as kittens. She has been very ill in the past with struvite stones and possible pancreas or urine infections. Just as I thought things were getting better for poor Doris she was diagnosed with possible FD at the vets on 28 February 2014 – I had taken her in to the vets as she was eating and drinking more and had blood in her urine.

My local vets made me feel it was the ‘end of the world’: all they kept saying was how much it would cost to treat Doris (wild numbers in the thousands of pounds a year) and how she wasn’t going to get better. I felt as though they were giving poor Doris a death sentence.

We had to leave Doris at the hospital that day as she was so ill. The first vet we saw when Doris was admitted was equally bleak and I went back home leaving her looking all forlorn with a drip in her leg crying because I was leaving her.

I spent the night surfing the internet looking for some miracle, and I found TR! And felt there was a glimmer of hope on the horizon – I’d never ever joined a forum before but signed up and thought “I have to try everything I can for my ‘little Dorritt’.

We were due back at the hospital the next day and I’d read all I could on the site. As luck would have it we saw a different vet, one who had looked after Doris before and her take was totally different. She prescribed Lantus and told us that TR was right, that we could do home testing and to use a human glucometer (no difference she said apart from cost – animal ones being more expensive). I mentioned low carb food and she gave me a list of supermarket and pet site ones – she stressed that it needed to be below 10% carbs which was just what TR advised.

From day one the welcome from everyone on Forum was wonderful – whatever stupid questions I asked there was always someone there to help and explain. Home testing was very difficult for me at first- but I had to keep reminding myself that I was doing it for Doris to make her better. With the help and support of the forum, I managed to test more and to do curves and mid tests.

We started TR on 2 April 2014. Doris started to respond, if it times she would do some wild zooms! Then, on 31 May 2014, 59 days after we started TR, I dosed her as usual…..and that was that, she hasn’t needed any insulin since! I cannot begin to tell you how overjoyed that makes me feel!

When I first started my journey, I never thought that I’d be writing this with tears in my eyes – tears of joy so different from those tears of despair I shed at the beginning!

I am so thankful for TR!