CLYDE (Australia): Canninsulin

Clyde is an 8 yo male cat that we adopted from a pound with another kitten (female) when they were about 3 months old. I researched what the best food was for cats and Hill’s Science Diet came on top. So, I religiously kept buying the dry food for them believing all the claims being made by the manufacturer. They both looked well and healthy.

In May 2016, Clyde went through a procedure of cleaning teeth under a general anesthetic. They did various tests on him, including glucose. But I was told it was all normal. Then, a month or so late I started to notice that their litter boxes were quite wet. I took him back to the vet and he was diagnosed with FD in August 2016. At the vet, his BG was 22/396 as he was quite distressed. But when tested at home, he dropped to just over 10/180. Hence, I insisted on first trying to regulate the FD with a diet. My vet suggested administering insulin only when he was over 10/180 and then, re-test a week later. She also insisted on feeding him dry Hill Science Diet m/d (for diabetic cats). I however found a special raw diet for cats manufactured by a local pet food company and started feeding that at least once a day and then, feeding the dry food to satisfy my vet. Unfortunately, that did not work. HIs BG kept climbing and we had to start administering 1u of insulin twice a day, end of September. I was instructed to do a BG curve every 3 weeks. It was never satisfactory, BG kept rising and we ended up on 4u twice a day at the end of November 2016.

Diabetic cat off insulin

I started talking to the people on forum sometime after Xmas 2016 and once, Clyde and I were ready for the TR we got Clyde completely off the dry food and started feeding him only the raw diet. That was on 9th March 2017. Within less than 3 weeks, Clyde went into remission. The last time, he was given a needle was 29th March 2017! He has been well since and I now test him only once a week and he is doing extremely well. I will be going to once a month testing from June 2017.

He is also now being fed 4x a day, small portions of raw meat through an automatic feeder. And that’s all! He is happy and playful and looks very well.

I am so stoked that he has gone into remission so quickly. I now tell everyone who has a cat that they should NEVER feed their furry babies dry pet food.

Thank you so much for all your support,DCI! I would not have been able to do this without you.


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