Helping you help your Diabetic Cat


The DCI Forum is made up of people just like you:  people who have or have had diabetic cats.


We know how devasting it is to hear “Your cat has diabetes”.


We know how overwhelming it can seem…. insulin shots, testing blood glucuse… worrying about what happens if you have to be away… what happens if you can’t dose exactly on time……it seems impossible in the beginning….


It isn’t, and we are on the forum to show you that it is not.

feline diabetes help


The DCI Forum is a warm and caring environment that is here to support you – to provide you with the information you need to help you to help your cat.  Our goal is to help you help your cat into a food-controlled remission where insulin is no longer needed.

We will explain.

We will help.


On the forum you will find detailed information about:

  • The Tight Regulation Protocol (TR)
  • The different insulins, how they work on cats and how each one works with TR
  • How to test your cat’s blood glucose (BGs)
  • How to deal with low BGs
  • Specific country information regarding food, insulins, meters etc for a number of countries/regions
  • Tools to help you set up test logs or calculate dry matter carbohydrates
  • Information and links on Feline Nutrition
  • Information on other medical conditions or situations such as diabetic ketoacidosis, pancreatitis.. or how to give sub-q fluids

… and much more.


If you are here you are passionate about your cat…. we are passionate about cats too!


Please register to join the DCI Forum and learn much more.



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