Handling Low Blood Glucose Numbers

Normal range blood glucose levels for a cat are around 45-130/2.5-7.2

Sometimes however, your cat’s BGs may drop lower than this. You may even get a LO reading on your glucometer.

As long as your cat is on a 100% low carb wet food diet, you have tested before dosing (so not given insulin when the BG is too low) and there are not serious liver issues present, he or she is protected against a clinical hypo, and the chances of symptoms of that, such as seizing, are very low.

Low numbers can be quite frightening the first time that you encounter them: your cat will probably be acting perfectly normally…you will be the one who is not in a good state!

Cat hypo


The first thing to do is to take a deep breath and to stay calm.

Then feed your cat a teaspoon of its normal low carb food. Wait 15 minutes and retest.

If the BG remains low or is dropping even more, feed another teaspoon. You want to feed only small amounts to make sure that your cat does keep eating should the low numbers continue. Keep testing and administering small amounts of food as needed.

If your cat is staying low you can try giving some slightly higher (still under 10%) wet low carb food if you have some on hand. If the low is very prolonged/your cat is staying in very low or LO numbers, try slightly higher carb wet food.

In most cases, your cat’s numbers will start to rise.

In the VERY RARE case that your cat seizes, continue to administer food if it is able to eat on his own, and take him to the vet.

If your cat is unable to and won’t eat and is seizing, then and only then, should you apply a small amount of honey or sugar to his gums. Get him to the vet immediately.

Please do make sure that your vet does understand TR and ask that a glucose drip not be administered unless absolutely necessary.

If your cat has been given honey or syrup and/or placed on a glucose drip at the vets, you will need to follow the Detox Process before starting TR again – the sugar will put his liver back to sleep.

Please do post on Introductions & Questions for help – or simply support and reassurance- from experienced members if you do find your cat in low numbers.


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