Excel Test Log Templates


You may set up your Test Logs by simply typing the information directly onto the log, by keeping a Word file that you update, copying/pasting the information from that onto your log, or by using the attached excel templates.


The Excel templates automatically calculate the Imperial to Metric or the Metric to Imperial BG reading conversions, and include some formatting to help make things a little bit easier.

The system of measurement used (Imperial or Metric) depends on where you live:

  • The Imperial measurement system (mg/dl) is used in the US, Latin America, many European countries and Japan.
  • The metric measurement (mmo/L) is used in Australia, Canada, the UK and most Nordic/Northern European countries.

We ask that your numbers be posted in both measurement systems: DCI is an international forum with members from many different countries; posting in both formats will allow everyone to follow along.

Please click here if your meter gives results in imperial numbers and you need the automatic conversion to metric numbers.

1a. DCI Test log imperial to metric with explanations

Please click here if your meter gives results in metric numbers and you need the automatic conversion to imperial numbers.

1b. DCI Test log metric to imperial with explanations

When you open the file, save it on your computer. Always use your saved file to update your testing and dosing information.

You may see a message saying that the file is from an “uncertain/unsure” source and asking if you accept it. The warning message is simply as you are downloading it from an internet site: click on accept.

Full instructions for using the templates are included in the files.

To update your log using the template:
1) Go to your test log on forum and click on the “Edit” button at the top right of the post to open your test log
2) Go to your excel file and highlight the cells that you have updated
3) Click on “copy”
4) Go back to your open test log and click on “paste”


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