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DCI was created at the end of 2014 by 4 experienced diabetic cat owners who have themselves owned a collective 8 diabetic cats, and who had been helping others with Feline Diabetes for up to five years.  We founded the Diabetic Cat International Site and Forum to be able to share our experience and help as many diabetic cat owners across the world as possible.

The protocol we use, Tight Regulation, was originally developed by a veterinarian using US bovine PZI insulin.  It has since been adapted to all insulin types and has helped hundreds of cats to better health and led many  into a diet-controlled remission where insulin is no longer necessary.

We hope that after looking at our site that you will join our forum. We provide a warm and caring environment and will do everything we can to support you….. Like you, we have all faced hearing that our cat is suffering from Feline Diabetes. We know and understand how you feel.

We are here to explain more and help you help your cat to better health… and we hope into that diet-controlled remission!

Help FD Cat

On our forum you will find detailed information about the TR Protocol, different insulins, testing your cat’s blood glucose, feline nutrition, other associated conditions such as feline pancreatitis and feline acromegaly, and much more.

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TR Success Stories: 

Cats in a diet-controlled remission, no longer needing insulin


Not all cats will go into a diet- controlled remission, where insulin is no longer needed.  For those that don’t, the goal of Tight Regulation (TR) is to keep them well regulated in normal numbers, where they are healthy and happy!

Here are some stories of those that have achieved the primary goal of TR – to bring cats into that diet- controlled remission.

Please do click on the “Read More” to read their full stories!

More stories can be found in “TR Success Stories”  under “FD Treatment” in the top menu.

FD Cat OTJ-in remission

Twenty five days to remission ! ….and my vet was so amazed when he heard the news that he rang me to learn more and to ask if he could share Baby‘s notes & log with all his colleagues locally and specialists in the area…how could I refuse!  …. Read More


 Feline Diabetes Remission

The first vets we saw when Doris was diagnosed made me feel that she had been given a death sentence. I found TR that night and felt there was some glimmer of hope…..and then the new vet we saw at the hospital the next day told us that TR was right…… Read More


Feline Diabetes Remission

…. and Luna‘s vet who teaches at a leading vet school was so impressed with Luna’s recovery that she now discusses TR in her courses… and even invited Luna to make a personal appearance at one lecture to show just how healthy and well she is today! …… Read More

Feline Diabetes Remission

It took TR just two weeks to bring Mlanio from the verge of critical condition to significant improvement, and just 40 days to take him off insulin altogether…. Our vet and her colleague have become TR admirers.  They have asked me to teach them what I’ve learnt…..Read more

FD cat in remission

My vet told me that as Samson had been diabetic for four years she didn’t think there was any chance of him going into remission…. I think it is more than remarkable that in just over 2 months, he is OTJ. Now Samy’s eyes are bright, and he is a happy kitty again!..Read more

Seamus Diabetic cat

When I found DCI and TR, Seamus was at the emergency vet hospital where he’d just spent 3 days – my vet didn’t think that he would make it through the first night……. today she has shared his results and test log with one of her vet techs who has a diabetic cat!…..  Read More

Feline Diabetes Remission

Tuvi had probably been FD for at least 2 years when I adopted him. He had been taken in by a rescue group a little over a year earlier when his owners abandoned him. Today he is off insulin, happy and energetic – he races around more like he is 5 than almost 15!…..  Read More

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